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Support South Australia with Walter Knoll

Support South Australia with Walter Knoll

How? Good Question… Let us Explain.

Walter Knoll’s unique production facility, located in SA, not only supports the local economy but is the only facility of it’s kind outside of Germany.

Estilo’s initial desire to partner with Walter knoll was driven by the opportunity to support South Australian manufacturing. This allows us to offer the international quality and finest materials that come with the inherent knowledge passed down through Walter Knoll’s proud 150 year history. 

We are the only dealer outside of Germany that have a local Walter Knoll production facility. This gives us the unique opportunity to tailor our Walter Knoll products for specific projects in a short lead-time, as well as to achieve a significant economic contribution to the state in accordance with the South Australian Industry Participation Policy.

We are proud to be the exclusive dealer of the Walter Knoll Collection which is on display in out Waymouth Street Showroom.

Who are Walter Knoll?

Empathy & Appreciation 

The core elements of Walter Knoll's aesthetic have remained unchanged for more than a hundred years: leather, fabric, and wood of the highest quality, expertly crafted. Their claim to excellence is visible and palpable – from the day they were founded in 1865 to the present, with their designs featured in outstanding architectural projects around the world.

People immediately feel at home in rooms furnished by Walter Knoll. Their furniture designs touch the senses, and effect emotions. They transmit a feeling of appreciation that can be passed on. 

Walter Knoll work only with the very best in their field. Their furniture designs radiate clarity and strength, exuding a unique and special aura. And they last a lifetime. Because they believe that everything they do today must provide value tomorrow.   

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