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Herman Miller: Herman Miller Aeron Onyx and Sayl task chairs are now in stock, on display, and available at



The new Aeron Onyx and Sayl chairs, as well as a range of other Herman Miller favourites, are in stock and available for purchase on our new online shop. We also have them on display in our showroom and our sales team are happy to assist with any questions.

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The exact same chair, just a little more sustainable... Ergonomic to the core, Aeron was designed for a wide range of body types, thanks to the extensive research from designers Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick nearly 30 years ago. It's launch was pioneering in the office furniture industry – and it still is, thanks to updated research and material innovation, including the addition of ocean-bound plastic to the body of the chair. We've always known Aeron is good for our bodies – now it’s just as good for our environment too. 

Aeron’s legacy of sustainability and innovation continues since it's introduction nearly 30 years ago. It proved pioneering in both ergonomics and material innovation, without relying on the standard use of foam, fabric or leather found in most office chairs at the time. It’s also Herman Miller's first product to receive the industry-leading Cradle to Cradle V3 Silver Level certification. Aeron is composed of more than 50% recycled material – and now, they’ve added ocean-bound plastic, diverting more than 150 metric tons of plastic from the ecosystem every year.

Aeron is available in a palette of four meticulously curated material expressions centred on elements pulled from the earth. Onyx is a dramatic ultra-black shade intended to modernise the chair. This same environmentally friendly approach is coming soon in Mineral, Carbon and Graphite.

Find out more about Aeron and the use of ocean-bound plastic HERE



Good design, healthy support and exceptional value are always attractive – and Sayl delivers all three. By using smart engineering to transform simple materials, Herman Miller were able to make Sayl attainable for more people. Designer Yves Béhar and the development team considered and reconsidered every part of the design – and, in the end, created a full family of seating that sets the reference point in its class for quality, performance and design.

Sayl’s unframed 3D Intelligent back lets you stretch and move, striking a healthy balance between freedom and support. The elastomer strands of the suspension back vary in thickness and tension to provide greater support in the transition areas along the spine and less everywhere else to encourage a full range of seated movement.

Inspired by suspension bridges, structures that deliver the most using the least material, the Eco-Dematerialised design of the chair uses less material in more inventive ways to provide ergonomic support. This product contains no PVCs and its materials are almost entirely recyclable.

Find out more about Sayl HERE

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