Gubi Goes Al Fresco

GUBI is venturing into the open air with an all-encompassing launch for design lovers worldwide.

The boundaries between inside and out have been blurring for decades. Whereas once people wanted to ‘bring the outside in’ with biophilic interiors, or take the inside out by creating ‘outdoor rooms,’ now indoor and outdoor areas are merging to create ‘liminal spaces’ – symbiotic, overlapping zones of threshold and transition where the conventional distinctions between indoors and out are eroded.

PACHA OUTDOOR Breaking boundaries once more, Pierre Paulin’s pioneering seating concept is moving outdoors. Enchanting exteriors demand dedicated seating to define spaces and create ambience. The sculptural softness of the Pacha Collection has always rewarded the sitter with a level of relaxation akin to sitting on the clouds that inspired it. EXPLORE PACHA

BEETLE AND BAT OUTDOOR The plastic editions of two of GUBI’s most popular dining chairs, the Beetle and the Bat, have been reimagined for outdoor use. Reexamining their materials, aesthetics and function has led to the addition of an outdoor treatment, opening up new possibilities and making the chairs perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. EXPLORE BEETLE OUTDOOR or EXPLORE BAT OUTDOOR

BOHEMIAN 72 The Bohemian 72 Collection brings together Gabriella Crespi’s interest in natural materials, her fascination with stacked sculptural forms, and her curiosity about Eastern cultures and philosophies, honed over years of travel. EXPLORE BOHEMIAN 72

GASCOIN OUTDOOR A new outdoor version of the much-loved C-Chair – a dining chair originally designed in 1947 for post-war housing in France – is joined outside by a little-known Gascoin gem, the F-Chair. This rarely seen design made its first appearance in 1949 at the traveling exhibition ‘Maison Rurale’, which set out to showcase furniture that met the particular needs of life in the countryside. EXPLORE GASCOIN

OBELLO LAMP Half a century later, with the endorsement of his family, GUBI has put Curry’s innovative design into production for the first time, now as a portable version. The Obello Lamp is an iconic space-age design that will make a strong statement, either as a playful centerpiece or a point of curiosity within any outdoor space. EXPLORE OBELLO

TROPIQUE Created in the 1950s by the Hungarian-born French master of postwar design, Mathieu Matégot, the Tropique Collection of outdoor furniture captures the timeless glamour and exotic luxury of outdoor living on the Côte d’Azur in the mid-20th century. EXPLORE TROPIQUE

TS COLLECTION The TS Collection is already well known and appreciated among design lovers for its ability to suit any interior and setting. Now, the black-based TS Side and Coffee Tables are getting the outdoor treatment. EXPLORE TS COLLECTION

ATMOSFERA Best known for collaborating with contemporary designers and reviving archival pieces, GUBI’s Milan-based design studio has created an outdoor table collection with the mood-setting title, Atmosfera. EXPLORE ATMOSFERA

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