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Herman Miller: NEW OE1 Workspace Collection - Optimized Essentials for Agility

Increase Agility at Every Level

OE1 enables agility—for organizations, teams, and individuals—by creating flexible, fluid environments that adapt to evolving goals and personal preferences.

Agility for Organizations OE1 helps organizations adapt their facilities quickly and easily, scaling their spaces to meet evolving needs. Its multifunctional designs can be used across the floorplate, helping optimize real estate and fluidly adjust to changing workforces.

Agility for Teams Spaces equipped with OE1 empower teams to create the environments they need, when they need them. A quiet spot for focus can quickly transform into a collaborative zone for group work or a casual area for daily stand-ups.

Agility for Individuals The OE1 Workspace Collection is designed to maximize personal freedom and flexibility. Pieces are made to be movable and adjustable—so individuals can find or create the space they need, and get to work.

Integrate Instantly

Whether you’re using individual pieces or the entire collection, OE1 is designed to seamlessly fit into floorplates, amplifying and optimizing your existing spaces—or creating totally new ones.

Rethink Real Estate

Scale up, scale down, fine-tune. With its multifunctional designs and mobile elements, OE1 helps organizations optimize their real estate by transforming underutilized areas into agile, hard-working workspaces.

Find the Right Fit

Options for every work environment—and every aesthetic. OE1's light, minimalist design comes in a wide variety of configurations and colors, helping organizations find their own perfect blend of purpose, performance, and expression.

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