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Muuto Milan Apartment

Muuto unveils their latest exploration into the heart of intentional living spaces – their stunning Milan Apartment. This year, they have blended Scandinavian perspective with the charm of a Milanese apartment, creating an atmosphere where well-being meets artistic expression. The Brera apartment exhibition looks at spaces where art, architecture, design, and nature converge to create stimulating interiors — an atmosphere that pulls you in. The six rooms present an updated vision of the Muuto home, a distinctive universe of colour, light, material, and tactility displayed alongside new products.   Creating spaces that feel just right has always been what Muuto is about. In Milan, our focus was not just on products but on creating evocative atmospheres that resonate on a deeper level. We want to inspire conscious living in the spaces we inhabit most - our homes". – Line Brockmann Juhl, Muuto Marketing Director

Products to keep an eye out for!  

Set Lamp by Jamie Wolfond

With its distinctive blend of industrial and sculptural design, the Set Lamp features an upward-facing light that shines through an aluminium shade, emitting a bright yet indirect glow. The lamp's adjustable shade height, facilitated by threads on the body, allows for a tactile rotation and enables personalized changes in angle and light intensity. This unique lamp exudes character and seamlessly blends into a variety of spaces—whether placed on the floor, windowsills, sideboards, or any preferred location—making a bold statement as a distinctive centrepiece.

Connect Modular Sofa

The Connect Modular Sofa brings a modern perspective to the typology, allowing its user to customize the sofa for their exact spatial and aesthetic needs with 14 different modules. Designed with long, elegant lines, the Connect Modular Sofa's details of its small feet underneath for a hovering, light sentiment and pointy corners allow the design to bring character to any space, all while complementing and enhancing its surroundings. Use the Connect Modular Sofa for modern comfort in any workplace, lounge area or hospitality setting.

Doze Lounge Chair – Low Back

The Doze Lounge Chair Low Back is a natural line extension to the existing Doze Lounge Chair High Back. The Doze Lounge Chair Low Back embodies a sleek, modern expression and soft comfort, just like its larger counterpart, while presenting a compact form that seamlessly integrates into various lounge areas. This scaled-down version allows for more versatile placement, making it ideal for placing multiple chairs in the same space.

Calm Wall Lamp

Calm Wall Lamp offers a new perspective on lighting, with a rare blend of atmospheric lighting and sculptural qualities. While it is inherently functional, it is also a work of art in its own right. Its textile surface gently diffuses the light, forming a gradient from its edge to the central light source. The ability to adjust the lighting temperature allows the user to create calm, atmospheric light according to their own preferences and needs. A matte rubber band frames Calm Wall Lamp, lending a crisp edge to the softness of the organic design.

Stacked Shelving

Being both versatile and functional, the Stacked Storage System can be arranged and rearranged for the exact aesthetic and functional needs of any space. Seen here is a selection of predesigned configurations that bring modern storage to modern office, whether at home or in the workplace. All modules with backboard can be mounted directly onto the wall.

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