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Soda Side & Coffee Table by Miniforms

Renowned for winning multiple design awards, the Soda side and coffee table by Miniforms has become a standout piece for clients seeking vibrant colour and texture. The inspiration for this design stemmed from the lack of glass pieces in the furniture realm, which Miniforms discovered was due to the technical challenges of working with the material. To overcome this, the Soda table is meticulously crafted by three master glass artisans on the Italian island of Murano. 

The process begins with an initial puff of air that brings the glass to life, resulting in a single glass volume with three large petals forming the stem. 

The table's design emphasises the inherent transparency of glass, playing with light and shadow to create dynamic visual effects. Where the glass overlaps, it reveals darker tones, and its hammered surface adds a unique, almost liquid quality to each piece. 

Available in Amethyst Purple, Petrol Green, Blue, and Amber, the Soda table introduces a warm or cool hue to any space. This modern classic has become a cult favourite, with numerous attempts at replication but none come close to this modern classic.

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