Tait: Introducing Xylem by Adam Goodrum

Tait: Introducing Xylem by Adam Goodrum

A modular planting & seating system which forms a conduit between plants and people

Xylem welcomes the fifth collection between leading Australian designer, Adam Goodrum, and Tait. The collection leans on biophilic design principles – ensuring people have access to fresh air, natural light, plants and nature-inspired spaces. ‘Xylem’ itself is a biological term referring to the branch-like vascular tissue in plants that transports nutrients from roots to leaves, and allows them to photosynthesise. Borrowing from this concept, the Xylem collection is a system that intimately connects people with the health-promoting benefits of plants – a reminder of our interconnectedness and dependence on nature.

“Xylem is a response to the importance of biophilic design in the workplace. It aims to effortlessly integrate greenery and seating into any outdoor setting” - Adam Goodrum, Designer

Due to its buildable design, Xylem can be infinitely added to, and forms endless configurations. Modules can be oriented to encourage people to come together, or oriented to allow people more solitude. Armrests and Backrest components can also be added to further support various modes and user needs.   “Xylem can branch out like a root system, form a cluster, become circular, or snake along in a single line for narrower spaces” - Susan Tait, Creative Director

Building your own Xylem configuration is simple. For the Planters, you may choose a self-watering Wicking Plate, Mulch Plate or Pod Timber Lid. For the Bench, select up to three Armrests and three Backrests. You can join one or two Benches to an existing Bench at an array of angles to create your desired configuration. Singular Xylem Planters with Pod Timber Lids may be used to form playful clusters with Planters, or be used on their own to create informal seating, side tables or coffee tables. Xylem Planters have also been expertly designed for indoor use by plugging the drainage hole in the base to prevent water leakage.

Xylem’s metal components are formed with folded, anti-corrosive aluminium, making it extremely strong and durable. The Xylem Pod Timber Lid is crafted from sustainable FSC® sourced Spotted Gum and with smooth, curved edges it provides a comfortable place to sit. The raw concrete base provides a fresh contrast against Tait’s range of fifteen rich, Australian-landscape inspired textured powder coat colours or a colour of your choice.

As we find ourselves looking to bring the “outdoors-in” more and more to enhance our relationship with nature, the collection is just as relevant indoors as it is outdoors.

Discover Xylem Planter and Xylem Bench

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